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Jonny Loves House

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Jonny Loves House is a live electronic house music artist, DJ and digital music label from Brighton, UK.

The self-titled digital label has been running since 2010 as an outlet for Jonny Loves House’s music. It has also featured remixes of Jonny’s tunes from Andre Bonsor, C – Soul, Country Gents, Michael Morph, Rob Clarke, Michaelangelo and The Sound Diggers.

Support for tracks on the label has come from a wide range of sources including; BBC Introducing (South), DJ Mag, I-DJ Mag, Spanish DJ Mag, G-Scene, Juice FM, Ibiza Global Radio and Barcelona City FM.

Living in Derby from 1997 and influenced by the local sound systems Smokescreen and D.I.Y led to the first vinyl releases on the Jonny Loves House label, before moving to Brighton in 2003. A live performer of electronic music since 1995 and DJ since 1999 has seen Jonny perform at a wide range of events in all sorts of locations.

As well as running his own digital label he also co runs Twoforks Recordings with Brighton based Beatsworkin. Joining the crew in 2015 after becoming a regular DJ and Live performer at their Brighton and Barcelona parties.