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Jonny Loves House


Jonny Loves House is a LiveĀ Electronic Music Artist, DJ and Music Label


Originally from the UK but now based in Barcelona he has been part of the underground house music scene since the mid-90s

Jonny has been making his own music and performing it live since 1995, using an ever changing selection of hardware and software to jam his music liveĀ 

He started DJing in 1999 and has played and held residencies at countless events and venues of all sizes and descriptions

Living in Derby in the late 90s he was inspired by the local free party sound systems DiY and Smokescreen.

The deep house sounds they were playing had a direct impact on the music Jonny was making and lead to his first releases on Vinyl in 2003, which he put out on his own label named Jonny Loves House

The music was well received within the local scene and gained support from local DJs including Digs & Woosh (DiY) and Da Sunlounge (MYNA) as well as receiving positive press reviews including from Deep House Network and DJ Mag

The label is now digital and has seen a series of releases with remixes from a selection of artists giving there own take on the JLH sound

The music has received support from DJs, radio and media outlets all of the world and has also been consistently placed on TV shows such as Hollyoaks and NCIS

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