Jonny Loves House is a live electronic house music artist, DJ and digital music label currently based in Barcelona, Spain.

A producer of groove based deep house music with his own un mistakeable sound somewhere between deep and tech house he has been a part of the UK’s underground house scene since the late 90s.

Previously living in Bognor Regis and then Derby where he was exposed to Sound Systems such as Smokescreen and D.I,Y and gained his love of house music.

Taking the name Jonny Loves House with the release of a few white label vinyl in 2003 the music then took him to Brighton.

Originally a guitarist and playing in bands, playing live electronic music was a natural progression and his first live gig was in 1995, Bognor Regis. Hooking up synths, drum machines, guitar fx, and four-track tape records all controlled by an Atari Ste

Forward-thinking ideas and cutting edge production techniques has seen a shift from all hardware performance to Ableton based with midi controllers. Playing live is live with no backing tracks or predetermined arrangements only a section of grooves, loops, and samples which are improvised with the sole intention of getting that dance floor moving!

A DJ since 1999 with a strong deep house groove has seen slots at countless parties across the UK as well as in Barcelona and Ibiza.


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