'Itchy Feet EP' DJ Reactions

Check out the radio and club DJ’s reactions to the Itchy Feet EP which features remixes from the Country Gents and Michael Morph.

Da Sunlounge : Myna Music / Bambino Recordings : UK
Some Other Time reminds of the good days back on the dark and smokey floors of the rock house.. nice work Jonny..

Gee Goudge : Centro House Music on CHFM : UK
Some other time is the buisness on this Ep – Full support from us::::::::O)

Tommy Largo : Netherlands
love the deep funk of the Michael Morph remix. hot!

DK Watts : House Controller, DI.FM : USA
really cool track…vocals get it going! (Some Other Time)

Mike Richardson : Retweak Records / Unity Radio : England
Both mixes of Some Other Time are quality. The original is a nice chilled melodic affair, the remix more funky, both good for the early parts of the night….

Matt Prehn (Bang Bang) : South Africa
Really feeling this whole release…fresh vibes and hard to pick a fave. Loving the country gents mix…a lot!! All in the box for sure!! Thanks for these!

B.Original : Pin Up Recordings : USA
Some Other Time is great. This whole ep has a fantastic classy feel to it. DIG IT

Simon DeepSouthAudio : Monster Session VolcanoRadio : New Zealand
Wicked to see Jonny & the country gents get together .. two top producers .. getting funky … luv it !

Sound Diggers : The sound diggers : UK
Love this guys work ! always top draw ! spin this tonight ! whoop!

Pete Le Freq : Dial Llama for Funk Show, Chicago House FM, Llama Farm Recordings : UK
Nice release – full support!

Justin Harris : Music For Freaks
very original… Some Other Time for me…. thankx

Tim Beaver : The Love Unlimited : UK
Love the wonkiness, proper house music too, excellent ep, will be playing this a lot

Murray Richardson : Rebel Waltz
Dance with me original mix all the way – great track – full support!

Victor de la Serna : DJ Mag (ES) : Spain
Great release, love the quirkiness of Dance With Me however Remix of Some other time is a real killer. Thanks

Adam Murray : Boost FM : Canada
I love the vocals in this track. (Some Other Time)

Dan Ruck : Smoke City Music/Hudd Traxx/Non Believers : England
really like “some other time”

Dj Gomez : Rpl99fm/Code Bar : France
what a blast !!! excellent release !

Kate : Gscene wild Fruit etc : UK
Wow what a truly fabulous selection of proper house – beginning to fall for this label big time xxx

Russell Deeks : idj / this why we dance
Bouncy and bumpin’, great stuff!

Joan Ribas : Ibiza Global Radio : Spain
great groovy house, excellent

Louis Hughes : Two Deep / ChicagoHouseFM.com / 6th Sense Music / 1999 Recordings : UK
Nice and interesting beats here. Solid release with full support from me.

David Gee : Topradio (Rotationz) / Zen FM : Belgium
Dance with me great track, love the 80s feeling

Steve Arnell : MyHouse-YourHouse : UK
Great release, Love the original (Dance With Me), nice glitchy sound.

Rob Clarke : Chicago House FM / Chicaboom : UK
Not bad at all. hope this does well for jonny who also lives in my neck of the woods 🙂

Martijn : Deep Edition Recordings / Save Room Recordings : UK
deep jeep for me.

Tyler Stadius : Dinamo FM/Proton
Rough & funky mix from Morph. The bass will do the work here for sure. Thanks!

Arturo Garces : Jump Recordings : USA

Sean Smith : Smooth Agent Records : USA
Interesting set of traxs. Feeling “Dance with me the Most (Country Gents Mix)”.

Ingo Haan : BOP Fm 105.4 : New Zealand

Kirby : Nordic trax, darkroom dubs, elevation, tango, amenti… : france
Some other time (michael morph’s deep jeep mix) sounds nice. thanks

Lucas Hulan : Nightphunk Recordings / Roxy Prague : Czech Republic
HeYa like Some Other Time…thank you for promo guys

Master Seb : Affola : France
Very fresh EP, that’s match !!

DJ Hal : EQ Mag / Stealth, Nottingham
Morph is best mix for me

Stefan K : Versuz / Radio Hitec : NL
Full Support!

Rick Preston
“Dance With Me” (Country Gents…) Mix gets full support from me! Good stuff!! Thank you!

Bobi : Club FM, Macedonia : Macedonia
Country Gents To The Floor mix is a wild ride and the one for me. Thanks for it.

Rainer A (aka SoulRay) : The Deep House Institution : Spain
good release with some variety of sounds here.. going for the more jacking sounds on the 2 remixes.

Wesley S : Mark Knight’s Toolroom Radio : UK

Lorenzo : 7th District / Ibiza Global Radio : Austria
like this way of representation of NuDisco style !

Manuel Sahagun : Candy Music : Argentina
Odd but nice release

Hector Moralez : Minority Music
thanks for the promo.

Jon Delerious : Nordic Trax : Canada:
Michael Morphs mix is my fav – Cheers! Jon D

Nacho Marco : Loudeast / Sonar : Spain
Country Gents remix for me.

Konstantin (DJ Electric, Deepo : Proton Radio (USA), Club FM (Macedonia), Ibizasonica (Ibiza), Pulse Radio (Australia), Kiss FM (Ukra : Russia)
Full support ! nice !

Richard ‘Merlyn’ Martin : Subdivisions DI Sessions, DI.FM : USA
Like the groovy Country Gents remix. the Michael Morph’s Deep Jeep remix of ‘Some Other Time’ Solid!

Gee Moore : Bora Bora : Brasil – UK
Do like the “dance with me” track, lot of fun in there as well as great groove and hooks etc – many thanks :G)

Sista Stroke : Chicago House FM and Da Beatminerz Radio : UK
nice and funky on Dance With Me!

Roland Nights / Danny Stott :UK
Michael Morph’s deep mix is really nice, thanks


Miss Mee : Patsada Records
Nice vibes.

Advokkat : Groove Is In The House, Various Stations : France
Dance with me is special with strange sound but I like so much and I ll play it – This EP seems at old school tracks and I like it, I ll play them of course.

Grant Paterson : Edinburgh Evening News : Scotland
Dance With Me has a very cool sound, funky, uplifting and melodic, similarly I’m loving the electro pop vibes of Some Other Time. A couple of good remixes too. Thanks

philE : Deep House Cat Show : USA
Deep and techy!

Al Bradley : 3am Recordings/Chemical Warfare/Bugged Out, Manchester : UK
Nice bubbling original groove, can see this working for the Inland Knights/Drop Music fans, cool stuff, the Midlands groove is definitely evident. The Country Gents mix is neat too, although not quite on-it as the original. Some Other Time is my pick on the release, a great acidic groover, with hints of tech in there too. Michael Morph’s regroove works well also, nice percussive rework whilst retaining the original vibe.

Severino Panzetta : Dalston superstore/redlight/barcode/horse meat disco/various

Miguel Garji : Ibiza Global Radio : Spain
Diferent minimal sound, no is my style but i have especial atraction to this new sound. I will try , sure

Sam Ryan : Back To The Future Recordings / Back To You Recordings / MyHouse-YourHouse Radio : UK
Great ep something for everyone! Full support, looking forward to trying them on the floor 🙂

Ray Colclough : Street Beat (Beat 102-103fm) House Tweakin (MyhouseYourhouse) : Ireland
Country gents done a real nice ob on the remix

Thomas Tuft : Juice FM / Cream / 3 Beat Records : UK
country gents to the floor mix is tasty for some old school action awesome. also like the original !

Daniel Sykes : Spin South West : Ireland
pretty good

Chris Udoh
Feeling the deep jeep Mix best , Thanks !

StereoK : Danceradioglobal.com, ETN.fm, Ensonic.fm : Greece
nice one

Jason Kilka : Traffic Magazine, Leeds : UK
Cool ep, morph remix is best thought for me-support

DJ Linus : pacha-exun-gigolo-munich : Germany
“some other time” is charming and different – nice one

CheckPoint : My Cuppa T : USA
Glitchy, funky, groovy cool – very nice. Liking the outrageously deep but still wonky Country Gents mix. Will give the Deep Jeep ‘Some Other Time’ mix a hammering too. Punchy, jacking and a serious bassline! Thanks, CheckPoint

Sir Cosmic : MyHouse-YourHouse / Rhythmicity : Australia
Michael Morph is the one for me. Thanks!

Dibby Dougherty : Yello/Audiotherapy/Baroque : Ireland
wicked stuff

Jesus Pablo : 26 Tea Drops International / Cubism / Deso Records : UK
Love this Remix… Quality… Old Skool vibes… Bassline is SICK !! (Dance With Me (Country Gents ‘To The Floor’ Mix))

Michael Stukes : WHCR 90.3 FM / Harlem : USA
Gotta get into the groove w/these tracks.