Beatsworkin New Years Eve Brighton Party

Join us this New Years Eve Brighton for the Beatsworkin New Year’s Eve Party.

Held downstairs at the Aberdeen Steak House, Brighton entry is from 7pm and closes at 3am. 

Tickets available from Resident Advisor. Check out the event on Facebook.


Beatsworkin (Jamie Bawn & Chris Eaton – Twoforks, Endemic Digital)

Jonny Loves House (Two Fork, Jonny Loves House)

Oleg Belshin (Be avant guarde, Blow)

Matt Slackers (Trikstar, Slackers Convection, Size)

Aaron D (Codesouth)

Zoe (Vice DJs)

David House (Club Azuli)

DJ Lewe (Codesouth FM)


Check out the resident advisor and facebook events for more details.